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These are the aiport’s opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 05.00-08.30 & 17.30-21.00 

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 12.45-19.00

New updated information 2020-09-28

Due to new requirments becuase of the prevailing situation with COVID-19, we have new recommenadations, as of monday the 6th of July, which encourage passengers over the age of 6 years old, to wear a facemask during our flights. 

It is your own responsibility as a passenger to bring a facemask, and the facemask should cover your nose and mouth. Homemade masks is not allowed. 

If you decide to use a mask, it should be used from the moment you arrive to the terminal and during check-in, as well as when you are onboard the flight and until you have left the terminal at your final destination. 


Inquiries regarding bookings or tickets can be made at Amapola’s callcenter 0046(0)770-790 700 or www.amapola.nu

Due to the prevailing situation with covid-19 (the corona virus) and with the fact that we have significantly fewer bookings on our departures, the Swedish Transport Administration, in consultation with our airline Amapola AB, has decided to make changes. Instead of 2 dep/arr on weekdays, there is now 1 dep/arr per weekday. Sundays are unchanged.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to call us on 0046(0)940-398 88.

South Lapland Airport keeps updated with the latest developments and follow the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Authority. At the airport, we have pinned information from the Public Health Authority regarding the Covid-19 disease in the departure and arrival terminals to all our travelers.

We advise anyone affected by fever, flu and/or coughing to refrain from traveling in any capacity. We implore all travelers to stay updated on the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Authority: https://bit.ly/2IRiM9H

South Lapland Airport

The Gateway to the Wilderness

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Members of staff are always present until the last flight has arrived.

Phone no: +46(0)940-39888
E-mail: airport@vilhelmina.se

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Phone no: +46 (0) 940-39888
E-mail: airport@vilhelmina.se

The AiRport

When you have landed at South Lapland Airport, and the aircraft’s engine has stopped, the silence is complete. Mountain tops tower above the horizon. Perhaps you’ll catch a sound of the birds or the wind. The beauty of the surroundings leave many in awe.



Amapola Flyg AB operates the Vilhelmina-Stockholm route since 1 July 2018. You can make your reservation at Amapola.nu.  Or just give us a call on +46(0)940-39888


The magnificent scenery with its mountains, lakes and deep forests is together with the local culture the main features of South Lapland. This is a place that captures many hearts and many guests choose to return again and again.

welcome to south lapland

South Lapland is part of the last European wilderness. 10,000 lakes, ancient forests and over 150 peaks are part of a wild and exotic landscape the size of Belgium. There is something for everyone to discover here.

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