GDPR & Cookies


This site uses cookies to provide information to site owners how visitors navigate and manage the site through Google Analytics.


Since July 1, 2011, cookies and other technology used to store or retrieve data can only be used with the visitor’s consent – this consent is provided in various ways, for example through the visitor’s web browser.

If you do not want your browser to give consent to cookies from stored in your computer, you can change this in your browser’s settings.

Cookies are passive files that web sites store on their visitors’ computers, e.g. for them to recognize these computers the next time they visit them..


As of May 25, 2018, the new general data protection regulation applies. All information that applies to you, as identified or identifiable, living private person, is covered by the general data protection regulation. This applies, for example, to your name, home address, ID card number, internet protocol code (IP code) or information about your health.

Some sensitive information, such as health, race or ethnic origin information, political views, and sexual orientation, have particular protection. They may only be collected and used under special circumstances, for example, because you have given your explicit consent or the national law allows it.

The rules apply when your data is collected, used and stored digitally or in a structured archive system on paper. The information you provide in forms or e-services, or the information about you that is registered by us at South Lapland Airport AB, is saved in computer systems. The registration is made in order for the company, or the company’s subcontractor, to be able to fulfill its obligation to you, or to the service concerned. The registration can also secure information that is of vital importance.

The data will be saved as long as they are needed in the business. If you want to know exactly how long they are saved, you can turn to South Lapland Airport’s switch or reception, which will contact the company’s contact person for data protection. If you are dissatisfied with how South Lapland Airport AB processes personal data about you, you have the opportunity to submit complaints to the Data Inspectorate.

For more information on data protection, see the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website