Past and present

Regular traffic at Sagadal Airport (as South Lapland Airport was then called) began in the early 1970s with two flights every weekday along the Vilhelmina-Strömsund-Sundsvall route. The runway has been expanded on a few occasions and the number of flights has been increasing since then.

Today, about 16,000 passengers pass through South Lapland Airport every year, a number which will increase in the not too distant future. The airport has plans to expand within the coming years, and become equipped with a new runway. There are also plans of hosting direct flights to and from abroad.


The hub of the South Lapland region

South Lapland Airport is the only airport within this region area and a vert important prerequisite for keeping the local creative entrepreneurial spirit alive, as well as making this enchanting part of Sweden more readily available to visitors.

Rural, mountain and wilderness tourism is just in its infancy in Sweden, and in this part of the country there is plenty on offer when it comes to potential, beauty and quality of life for the entrepreneurs, companies, municipalities, investors and tourists who wish to visit this wild and wonderful part of Scandinavia!


General info

Our car park has space for 50 vehicles and is free of charge. We have X-ray scanners and a metal detector. The premises are designed for charter traffic and modern luggage handling.


Altitude: 1140 ft AMSL Coordinates: N643443 E165023 
Runway: 10/28 1500m Asphalt with Lights and PAPI 
Owner: South Lapland Airport AB 
Frequencies: 122.55 MHz 

Nav. Frequencies:

  • NDB: 406.0 kHz NV
  • NDB: 328.0 kHz DK
  • DME: 109.90 MHz INV

Scheduled flights: 11/week to Arlanda, 2 hours. 
Operator: Amapola Flyg AB


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