Hand luggage

Hand luggage weighing a total of 8 kg can be taken on board. This luggage may include laptops or cameras. The size of the luggage may not exceed 45x35x20 centimetres.
Passengers may also carry a handbag, an outer garment, umbrella and a bag containing, for example, tax free goods if this can fit underneath the flight seat in front of the passenger. 


  • Liquids, creams, jellies and sprays of up to 100 ml (1 dl) in containers may be stored in the hand luggage. Bottles, cans, tubes etcetera, are to be placed, and must fit, in a transparent one-liter reclosable plastic bag.
  • Passengers with boarding cards may bring one (1) one-liter plastic bag each onboard the flight.

If possible, pack your plastic bag before arrival at the airport, which will make the check-in procedure all the more swift. If you don’t have access to transparent reclosable one-liter bags, they are available for free at the airport.

Additionally, you may bring the following onboard the flight:

  • Liquid medicines needed during the trip.
  • Baby food needed during the trip.
  • Liquids that are part of a special diet needed during the trip.

Pack the medicine, baby food and special diet so you can display them without issue at the airport’s security check. They are not required to be stored in plastic bags. Keep in mind that sodas and juices are not approved as baby food.

Larger electronic items, such as laptops and camcorders, must be removed from their bags and X-rayed seperately. The same applies to coats and other outerwear.

In the security check you are required to:

  • Place your transparent plastic bag with liquids on the conveyor belt.
  • Show your liquid medicines, baby food and/or diet food to the security staff.
  • Remove your coat and other eventual outerwear and place on the conveyor belt.
  • Remove your laptop and other electronic devices of similar size from your bag and place them on the conveyor belt.

The following is classed as liquids:

Jellies, creams, liquid and solid mixtures, water, toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, juices, perfumes, shaving creams, aerosols and other items similar texture.

You may not bring containers that hold more than 100 ml (1 dl). Therefore, you are not allowed to bring a 150ml container consisting of 75ml liquid. An empty container is not classed as liquid, and may therefore be brought onboard.

If requested by the security staff, you are to hand over your medicines, baby food and/or diet food for review.


Checked luggage

Each passenger is entitled to check in up to 23 kilos per 1 luggage free of charge when buying a ticket. (if you are travelling on our Kampanj ticket, checked baggage is not included in the ticket price, however this can be purchased for a cost of 250 SEK, one way) Some items are not counted as luggage, and a more detailed description of these is found below. For luggage that exceeds 23 kilos, the following rules apply:

A fee of 30 SEK per extra kg will be charged.

A fee of 250 SEK for any additional luggage bag, which may weigh a maximum of 23 kg, will be charged. Additional luggage must be booked in advanced at Amapola´s call center at +46(0)770-790 700.

Passengers travelling with infants (children aged below 2 and don’t have their own seat) may bring one (1) stroller and one (1) car seat free of charge.

Items such as golf bags, bicycles, surfboards, hang gliders and skis cannot be checked in as normal luggage. Transport of such items warrants an extra fee per item and route, and must be booked through Amapola´s call center at +46(0)770-790 700.

Dangerous goods may not be checked in, scroll further down for more information.

The airline is not responsible for valuables such as jewels, money, securities, passports, ID documents, medicines, keys and very delicate items, so these are to be stored in the hand luggage. When it comes to fragile things that are too large to be checked in as hand luggage, it is the passenger’s responsibility to pack it properly, but at the check in counter we can label the luggage as ’fragile’ on request.

You are always advised to attach a visible label stating your name, address and phone number to your luggage. All luggage is retrieved at terminal 3 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Mark the bag with nameplate where the name, address and telephone number are clearly visible. All luggage are collected at Arlanda terminal 3.



A bicycle can be checked in as baggage if its weight does not exceed 23 kg. You have to book it as special baggage in advance through Amapola’s call center at +46(0)770-790 700. Turn the handle bar and remove the pedals before check in.

Ski equipment

Ski equipment must be placed in a ski case. Only one (1) pair of skis and one (1) pair of ski poles are allowed per case. The fee is 300 SEK per case and route, with an additional 30 SEK per kilo exceeding the maximim weight of 23 kg. You have to book in advance at +46(0)770-790 700 to be able to check in your ski equipment.


Strollers are checked in free of charge. Stroller bags are available for free at the airport.



Firearms and ammunikation must be checked in.

Weapons that can be disassembled should have their main parts stored in separate bags.

Ammunition must be stored in its original package and the weight may not exceed 5kg per passenger. It is not permitted to carry another passenger’s ammunition in your own luggage. The fee for the shipment of firearms is 350 SEK per route and must be booked in advanced through Amapola’s call center at +46(0)770-790 700.


Animals in the cabin

Dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin, but not rodents or reptiles. The dog or cat must travel in a closed cage or a sealed bag during the flight. The pet and the cage/bag may not exceed 8 kg in total weight.

The airline only allows a certain number of pets onboard each flight, so you must request permission in advance to bring your pet onboard when booking your flight, so we can check that there is room available. The pet must travel in a cage or a bag that is in accordance to customary rules for hand luggage. The cage or bag must fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Bringing a pet onboard will cost an additional fee of 300 SEK per route and should be booked in advance through Amapola’s call center at +46(0)770-790 700.

Animals in the cargo

If your pet is too big to be taken as hand luggage, it can travel in the airplane’s cargo. Rodents and reptiles are not allowed onboard.

The animal is to be transported in a transport cage that is leak-proof, solid, dense, clean and disinfected. An airline request must be made in advance, therefore, when booking. The animal must be able to stand upright in the cage without problems and have food and water available, and the floor must be covered with newsprint or sawdust. Animals weighing more than 14 kg must travel in separate cages. Two adult adults in the same size up to 14 kg together can be transported in the same cage if they are used to living together. The check-in staff is entitled to reject the transport unless the requirements are met.

There is a fixed price per cage / box and direction of 450 SEK.


A folding wheelchair can be checked in at no extra cost. It must not exceed 170 cm (length), 85 cm (width), 80 cm (height).

Wheelchair service is available to and from the aircraft.

Inform us in advance if you will be checking in a wheelchair by calling Amapola´s call center at +46(0)770-790 700.


Pregnant travellers

It is the passenger’s responsibility, without notice, to present a pregnancy certificate for air travel to airline staff or representatives.

Pregnant women are permitted to fly unlimited until 4 weeks before the expected due date. When less than 4 weeks before the due date, a medical certificate is required and the trip must not exceed 2 hours. When it is less than 2 weeks until the due date, air travel is not permitted regardless of any certificates.



Keep in mind that at the time of booking you should state if you have pet allergy. If you make your reservation online, call Amapola’s Call Center on +46(0)770-790 700 while doing so. Amapolas will then withdraw the option to bring pets on your flight(s). To make it easier for people with pet allergy, pets are always placed at the back of the plane.

No food on board contains nuts, but it can contain traces of nuts. Perfume is not sold on board.

ID documents

As of May 1, 2006, all travelers must show identity documents.

The EU regulation requirements place a responsibility on the Member States, with appropriate measures, to ensure that the same passengers who have checked in luggage for transport also accompany the flight.

The following are approved as identity documents:

  • SIS-labeled ID card
  • SIS-marked service card
  • EU passport
  • (Swedish) Driver’s license


Dangerous goods

For air travel, special rules apply for the transport of hazardous articles such as explosives, ammunition, fireworks, ignition fluids, refills for lighters, butane gas, bleaching agents, peroxides, batteries, mercury, acids and other corrosive liquids, toxic substances or other articles such as magnetized materials etc.

Contact the check-in staff at the airport if you need more information about these rules or visit the Transport Agency’s page on Dangerous Goods.


Before departure

  • In order to make the check-in proceed as smooth as possible, please arrive to the airport well in advance and have your ID readily available.
  • Keep in mind that the check-in closes 30 minutes before departure. After that your reservation expires and is made available to others!
  • You may only check in one bag as hand luggage, which is allowed to weigh a maximum of 8 kg and measuring 45x35x20 cm.
  • Label your luggage with your name, address and phone number.
  • Also remember to have your medicines and valuables packed in your hand luggage. 


Security check

When flying from Vilhelmina, you will have to pass the security check in accordance to the EU regulation on aviation security, which applies to all airports with liner and charter traffic.
Empty your pockets of coins, mobile phones, keys etc. Remember to store sharp objects and liquids with a container larger than 100ml in your checked baggage, as they are not allowed
to be carried in your hand luggage.

If you are unsure about what you can bring with you, our airport staff will gladly provide you with the information necessary.


For further information on rules not stated above, call us at +46(0)940-398 88