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Populair in association with Amapola operates the Vilhelmina-Stockholm route.
You can make your reservation directly at
If needed we will gladly assist you in making your reservation.

When you book a flight with us we can help you with booking of buss and train transfer from Arlanda.
If you want to book tranfer from Vilhelmina you can find more information here.

Members of staff are always present
until the last flight has arrived.


Phone no: +46(0)940-39888


MON-FRI HP651 VHM ARN 06:00 08:10
  HP670 ARN VHM 08:40 10:10
  HP671 VHM ARN 16:50 18:15
  HP654 ARN VHM 18:45 20:50
SUNDAY HP671 VHM ARN 15:55 18:05
  HP670 ARN VHM 16:40 18:50



Dag . Flyg Måndag – Fredag Söndag
 W27250 Kl.06.25
Framme i Stockholm Kl.08.30
W27252 Kl.16.40
Framme i Stockholm Kl.18.55
W27254 Kl.15.00
Framme i Stockholm Kl.17.05
Dag . Flyg Mån – fre Söndag
W27653 Kl.09.10
Framme i Vilhelmina Kl.11.35
W27660 Kl.19.15
Framme i Vilhelmina Kl.21.30
W2725 Kl.17.25
Framme i Vilhelmina Kl.19.25