Taxi to & from the airport

You can pre-book a taxi directly with one of our local taxi companies:


Vilhelmina Taxi: +46(0)10-147 64 94
Bäckströms Trafik: +46(0)940-21067
Marsfjällen Express AB: +46(0)940-70085
Dikanäs Buss & Taxi: +46(0)940-80180


Borgafjälls Taxitrafik: +46(0)940-42222
Dorotea Taxi: +46(0)942-10200
Taxi Åsele: +46(0)941-10335


Ground transportation

Ground transportation refers to Vilhelmina – Åsele/Dorotea center together with Bäckströms Trafik.
If you are traveling with HP651 you have to book at the lastest 20.00 the day before departure,
If you are traveling with HP670, 671, 654 you have to book at the latest 4 hours before departure/arrival.
You book ground tranportation yourself at Bäckströms Trafik +46(0)940-210 67
Price: 200sek/person


Free parking

We have a car park at the airport which is free of charge.
If you would like an engine warmer you have to inform the staff while checking in and pay a charge of 50sek.
For us to be able to provide you with this service you have to park your car at a engine heater post and have your own cable that reaches the socket.
Before your arrival we will plug it in so your car get warm before you land.

 More information about engine heaters


Snowmobile trails pass nearby the airport, which makes it possible for you to travel by snowmobile to and from the airport. Contact SA Event in Vilhelmina by phone at +46(0)940-120 30

or +46(0)70-317 49 19 to make a reservation. They have modern snowmobiles with plenty of room to carry your luggage..


Car rental

There is one local company in Vilhelmina that offer car rental. Larger car rental chains are located outside the centre of town, and you are welcome to get in touch with us for further details.

Bil & Fritid

+46(0)940-122 60, +46(0)940-122 61.


Do you wish to transfer to a ski resort?

For transfer to the ski resorts, the best option is to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station in Vilhelmina, and there hop on a local bus heading to your destination.
Call Vilhelmina Taxi at +46(0)940-104 00 for help with the arrangements, or visit the website